Work Order Policy


Contractor Conduct, Insurance, and Professional Standards Before Accepting ANY Orders

This policy outlines requirements and procedures for engaging ANY construction contractors. The aim is to minimize risk and ensure communication, safety, compliance, and quality work in a way our homeowners feel is more than appropriate.

Our Contractor Work Order Risk Management Policy includes a section on understanding the policy in English or Spanish and agreement to all terms, as well as a section on PROFESSIONALISM and important payment terms:

Professionalism and Site Access:

We avoid partnering with unstable or risky businesses.  Contractors must provide accurate information during the pre-approval process, or they risk disqualification or termination.

You can only be at a property if you have A VALID WORK ORDER WITH THE DATES ON IT.   Further, DAILY SITE SECURITY AND SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY – lock up as may be required.  No non-working individuals, including family, friends, or minors, are allowed on job sites during bids or workdays. Only authorized personnel involved in the project may be on-site.

All Proper Tools & Materials of the Trade (including YOUR Vehicles):

Contractors must use appropriate work vehicles in good condition while on-site.  This includes any pre job bidding visits, etc.  Contractors should park in designated areas without obstructing access points. Contractors must have proper, well-maintained tools and equipment for the project before starting work.

All tools and equipment should meet industry standards and safety regulations.

Contractor Selection & Hiring:

Contractors must be pre-approved and provide at least 3 professional references.  We also use pictures of trucks, signage, past jobs and more as we evaluate.  We will background checks on all contractors.

Contractors must demonstrate proficiency in using computer and internet-based systems, including project management software.

Insurance and Licensing:

We will not hire contractors without insurance.  Contractors must provide proof of current insurance, including general liability and workers’ compensation.  We may also request during any current job.

You must have all necessary licenses and permits for the type of work orders you handle.

You are a 1099 contractor.  Therefore, contractors must indemnify the company against any claims or damages.

Work Orders, Assignments and Contracts:

All work orders must be documented and signed by both parties.  Scope of Work and Contracts will clearly specify the scope, specs, timeline, and payment terms.  It shall include dispute resolution and termination conditions.

Quality & Quality Control:

All work is to warranted for labor for a period of 1 year.  If you are repairing something and do not think it will last several years – please stop and consult us with specifics so we can decision as a team.

You, your field managers, and we should inspect work regularly to ensure compliance with ALL specifications and industry standards.  We require contractors to proactively and promptly address any deficiencies or safety issues.

Safety and Compliance:   Contractors must adhere to all city codes, safety regulations and property management policies.  Contractors must follow OSHA guidelines and maintain a safe work environment.

Lien Release: Contractors must provide a lien release form upon completion of work and before final payment is made.  Lien releases must be submitted for all subcontractors and suppliers used in the project, OR at the property.

Payment and Financial Management:

Payments will be tied to completion of work or milestones.  We shall withhold final payment until all work is completed and inspected. (per a scheduled inspection so let us know a day in advance)

Please do not ask us to view work before it is done.  Failed inspections are billed to contactor at the rate of $75 each.  We will monitor contractor invoices for accuracy and adherence to contract terms.

Contractors are responsible for paying their own material costs and ensuring materials are of high quality and suitable for the job.

Confidentiality and Non-Circumvent Are Important:

Contractors agree here, and must further sign a confidentiality agreement protecting company and client information.

Non-circumvent agreement: Contractors hereby agree not to approach or engage with the homeowner, or company’s clients directly, for the purpose of securing additional work, future contracts or other business, without the company’s express written permission.  All approaches should be reported to the company immediately.  The company can edit the scope with your firm as it deems fit.

Photos, Videos and Proof of Work – REQUIRED:

Contractors must provide (and deliver into our system) photographs or videos showing the project at its various stages: before, during, and after completion.  These visual records serve as proof of work completed and are REQUIRED for final inspection and payment approval.  Once again, this is REQUIRED FOR PAYMENT.

 Contractor Branding and Advertising NOT Permitted:

Contractors must avoid promoting their business on our job sites, including wearing branded clothing or displaying their logos.  They must wear neutral clothing without branding. We provide shirts if necessary.

Contractors should not display or leave advertising materials on company or homeowner properties.  If approached by a neighbor, ONLY the company is to be promoted, not the Contractor entity

Daily Updates and Technology Requirements:

Contractors must be proficient in using the company’s technology systems, including any project management software, apps, or online portals required.  If you are not sure how to operate it, you should find an admin person on your team to meet this requirement.

Contractors are required to provide DAILY UPDATES on project progress, including photos and written reports, via the designated technology platforms.

Failure to comply with technology and update requirements may result in penalties or termination of the contract.

Language and Agreement:

Contractors must fully understand and agree to this policy in either English or Spanish, depending on their language of choice.  Code of Conduct Policy as well.

Contractors will not accept a work order unless they agree to all terms outlined in this policy.  We expect a high standard of communication to ensure quality and on time delivery.

Payment Terms:

Pay is determined during the bid for scopes, vs. due dates and timing.  A $1000 job that was approved to be done today, IT DOES NOT have the same value if contractor misses due date or stretches the job out for 3 or 4 days.  If contractor changes delivery terms on the company – please expect the pay to be adjusted to accommodate in fairness to all involved.

Final payment will be made only after the work has been inspected and approved for quality.  Payments will be made on banking days and may take 3-5 business days to process.  WE DO NOT PAY INSTANTLY AT COMPLETION – Be Aware.

Delays in payment may occur if work does not meet required standards or if there are outstanding issues to be resolved – this includes punch lists, and CLEANING OF JOBSITE BACK TO ORIGINAL CONDITION.

Contractors are responsible for their own taxes and will submit a signed W9 prior to payment for any relationship exceeding the IRS $600 threshold.


We may end a scope of work or contract for non-performance, or unreasonable delay.  The company can terminate without penalty under these specific circumstances.  By following these guidelines, we aim to manage risk effectively and maintain a professional relationship with contractors ensuring professionalism, quality and safety in our properties.